Develop end-to-end data solution

Datatyk provides consulting services to help you design and implement a data end-to-end solution which align with your business, and provide insight data to run your business on data solution.

You can think of an end-to-end big data solution as being a process that encompasses multiple discrete sub-processes. Throughout this guide you have seen how to automate these individual sub-processes using a range of tools and specific environment to develop a solution which includes:

  • Data ingestion: as data sources can come from multiple software such as mail, productivity tools, databases, files and how to track all data to get enough insights which we can help.
  • Data transformation: connect and transform data from multiple sources into data warehousing or big data processing in realtime and large scale on multiple architecture from on-premise to hybrid and cloud.
  • Visualization: drive insights and reporting on multiple endpoint such as mobile, web, email, file…. Provide insights right time and help BDM can make right decision with realtime information.
  • Action: drive prediction or automation actions based on the data transformed and machine learning built, define auto flow to take immediate actions based on the data gathering.

Based on the industry and your business, Datatyk will consult and provide right solution with architecture in cost effective to you.

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